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Soooo, 5 months went by....

weneh and I have been officially engaged for a few months now, and plan to wed in late spring once I get some vacation time. That couldn't be better, really.

I can mostly walk, to the point that a casual observer wouldn't notice anything wrong on level ground. That's certainly a good thing.

X-mas was the best in years, filled with friends new and old and a half ton of joy. Since W. bought a used Camry, I got her old Civic as a hand me down and gave my Dad (who was carjacked in July) my older-yet mini-van as a X-mas gift. That was cool.

I've been working at my current job since mid September, and it's great. It's a combination of training, technical support, technical writing, and data-analysis for a small but rapidly growing telephony company. When I see a broken business process, I get to fix it, and then get praised for doing so. That's good for my morale, I must say.

I wouldn't say that I'm "over" all the turmoil, chaos, betrayal, and traumas that hit me last year. I still have pains, anger, loss, and so on. I get sometimes get odd semi-flashbacks when I watch doctor shows and the like where people break limbs. After more than a year I still sometimes awaken in a rage after a dream about my old band. There's a sadness that comes upon me at times, in spite of everything that is so good in my life.

I bought W. a ukulele as a just-because present and we've been having fun playing songs together as she learns it. We sit together with me on the mandolin and find chord charts to easy songs on the laptop. Life is good.
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