The Value of a Strong Liberal Arts Education

Subbing Music History at the last minute today, I delivered a two-hour extemporaneous lecture on how the emergence of the Renaissance from the aftermath of the Crisis of the Fourteenth Century influenced the development of music as we know it, and how that era parallels the dawn of the Information Age.

Then I went and got back in my taxi.
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Deep Thoughts

Watching Nanna'Lan with Margot while we put away laundry makes me wonder if Rule 34 applies to Nanna and Mr Wooga. I'm going to leave that unknown.


I've posted about my somnocioncious life-tivo before, last night had some crazy vivid dreams about college drumline rehearsals, now 14 years since I last shouldered a set of tenor-drums. It brings to mind Ronald Regan's recurring dreams of his youthful lifeguarding well into his 70's. There are old friends with whom I've long lost touch who make semi-regular appearances on JHL:After Hours. The occasional visits from people who have passed away are always a bit of a trip as well. "What dreams may come?" Mine, apparently.

Every once in a great while I'll have a dream I remember perfectly, and then it comes true. For better or worse my prophesies have thus far been of no particular consequence. We're talking "This comic shop will be replaced by a carpet store, with rolls over there and swatches racked up on that side." (actual example) level of banality. One is reminded of when Christopher Walken parodied The Dead Zone on SNL: "You will have... a Tuna Sandwich."

I suppose that's for the best.

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Random folks.

I had a weird experience last week whereby four different people I never see popped up at random. Two were your average "Oh Hi, good to see you." type moments. One was somebody I'd lost track of 15 years ago and had tried in vain to find a few times. One was my second-oldest friend whom I usually see only at holiday get-togethers calling me out of the blue to have lunch.

Perhaps this is good karma from calling my uncle last week? Who knows? I'll take it.


"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."

John F. Kennedy, In a speech at the White House, 1962
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Random Bits

Margot has her first tooth. Even teething, she's not inordinately fussy. Best baby ever. In addition to plucking (and licking and chewing) on the ukulele, she now bangs on pots with (and licks, and chews on) drum-sticks. I'll never pressure the girl, but planting seeds is fun.

Went to the orthopedist for the first time in 18 months. Good news: I'm not getting any worse until I'm old. Bad news: I'm not getting any better either. Chronic pain and limited flexibility are my future. I had flashbacks during the x-rays and cried in the car after the appointment. Just the same, still beats dead or paralyzed.

Work moved to a new office. I now have a view of a fountain that makes a rainbow every sunny afternoon. Nice.

My ex-wife pitched when she discovered that her father had friended me on facebook. Despite her pressure, my former-father-in-law has thusfar refused to end our casual correspondence. It's nice to have my non-asshole status affirmed.

Summer fun: Rib-America (over-priced, but fun) this past weekend, Work trip to the horse-races this weekend, next weekend in TN with W's family, boys weekend in the country in late June, July 4 in OH with mine. Perhaps a weekend in Chicago or KC late July or August might round things out. Hmm.

One of our cats died suddenly, Odessa. She was not young, but not ancient either. I won't miss her peeing on my stuff, but I will miss everything else about her presence in our lives.

I got my bike out and rode to the new office and back on Saturday. ~30 minutes each way. Time to start commuting again. I want to get back down to 210 or so and be healthy enough to keep up when my daughter gets more mobile.

Overall life is good.

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Adulthood is when...

...you take your parent to the hospital, and have to agitate the staff to have him treated.

My Dad and I both had a nasty stomach flu this past week. In my case, I had a couple rough days and then started recovering. In his 30 years older case, he hurt his esophageal sphincter while violently retching, and got worse to the point that after days of vomiting and diarrhea he was so dehydrated that his kidneys were failing and his potassium was creeping down to levels where they didn't want him walking around on his own for fear of a heart episode. !!!

We found all that out after he'd been sitting in a waiting room for three hours. They immediately put an IV bag and 6 KCL pills into him, and ran some more tests before sending us upstairs to an actual room rather than the ER. We then gave more info, and waited since they couldn't give him another IV without an MD consult. We waited some more, all the while staring at the tapped out IV. More waiting, then a tech comes in and sure enough his BP has dropped compared to when we came upstairs, so she put him on O2. At this point, we've been waiting for three hours for the second time, he's still dangerously dehydrated and we're NOT GIVING HIM ANY MORE FLUIDS. (I didn't actually shout that, but I got the point across.)

The tech finds the nurse, the nurse cant do anything without a go ahead from the still unseen Doc, but she gets him on the phone and he authorizes saline+more potassium. My work done for the night, I head home, have dinner with the wife, play with the baby, write this, and go to bed.
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